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for my doggy

G-d set him free

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - Lorule

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - Lorule

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beside the visible stream where current arrows the force of faith or infinity threading itself in glistening wakes or of words left dangling in the air amongst the change, the air-filled fairytale flowers peaceful chambers ripples into, 

now, being here or there


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Parque das Merendas, Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais, Portugal

Parque das Merendas, Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais, Portugal

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Purple is 
Midnight clouds
Awakened owls
Crickets songs
And palm fronds
The deepest hue of cherries
Dried roses and blazing stars
Sweet and tart
A beating heart
Purple like 
A dog’s soul
an old tale told
Heaven’s peace
Deep sleeps
Lavender you keep
And one more breath
Or dream


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 the lotus and water lily blossoms in our reflecting pools. Nelumbo nucifera (or sacred lotus) and Nymphaea ‘Clyde Ikins’, a water lily

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 Flower Arrangement in the Ike-no-bo Style (ca. 1765)

 Flower Arrangement in the Ike-no-bo Style (ca. 1765)

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In Dreams,

Polar bear’s medicine includes the ability to navigate along the earth’s magnetic lines , introspection, ability to find sustenance in barren landscapes, purity of spirit, strength in the face of adversity, solitude, expert swimmer through emotional waters, finding ones way back from the brink, communication with Spirit, dreams, death and rebirth, transformation, creature of dreams, shamans, mystics and visionaries, defence and revenge

Intelligent and fearless, native tribes throughout history have held the polar as a desirable ally and spirit helper. The white colour of the polar bear is very significant indeed, for it represents purity of spirit. As this bear is fearless and the universal energy only flows when fear is absent, the polar serves as a valuable ally in getting past fear, both physically and mentally. 

Ability to navigate along the Earth’s magnetic lines, Introspection, Solitude, Expert swimmer through emotional waters, Finding one way back from the brink, Ability to find sustenance in barren landscapes, Strength in the face of adversity, Communication with Spirit Dreams, Death and rebirth, Transformation, Creature of dreams, shamans, mystics and visionaries, Defense and revenge, Strength in adversity, Endurance in situations, Ability for sustenance and endurance through, Can show how to tap into emotions with clarity


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"There can be a transcendent moment of pain, when you are peering intently into the space of a flower, as your soft nose is stung by a bee. Methinks, it’s strange to limit our connection with nature because we have fear of its field of unpredictability."

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